Bishop's Palace, Wells (2015)

03 December 2015
Stone conservation
Project value:
£11k - £50k
Project length:
6 weeks

Bishop's Palace, Wells (2015)

The Great Hall standing structures were stripped of their roof in the 1550's, and have since fallen into disrepair.  The conservation and consolidation programme sought to apply strict conservation principles, neither repairing or replacing any of the historic fabric, and instead used modern materials to provide new, external structural supports to the tracery and mullions.  Conservation techniques were applied in order to slow future decay and stabilise some elements (micropinning and sheltercoats were used), and to gently remove traces of past interventions which were no longer of benefit the original fabric.  Phase 1 was a pilot project to trial these techniques.

The photograph below shows temporary supports in place while more permanent structural supports were fitted.


Phase 2 saw these methods applied to a more extensive area of the structure;  principally the fragile mullions and traceries of the three main windows of the north elevation.  

Key to the programme was to ensure that the new interventions were clear against the historic fabric of the structures.