Historic plaster & render

Historic plaster & render

The discovery of remnants of historic plaster or render on buildings or structures dating back as far as Roman times or the Middle Ages is often a cause of wonderment and excitement. Such surfaces are vital to the understanding of a building's history and aesthetics, and as such it is very important to record and conserve them.

SSHConservation has been developing techniques to stabilise, secure and protect often vulnerable fragments of lime plaster and render.

An effective method of conservation must take into account the internal mechanisms which cause decay, voids and bulging. Intricate techniques are employed, including grouting, micro-pinning, mortar fillets to vulnerable edges and occasionally sheltercoating.

Historically, plaster and render regularly served not only an aesthetic but also a practical purpose in protecting the internal of external fabric of a building. In certain cases, where historic records and fragments exist, a decision is taken to reinstate the covering.

We have successfully re-rendered entire towers, elevations and architectural details to redefine design intent and accentuate ornament.

Historic plaster & render projects