Sculpture conservation

Sculpture conservation

Sculpture conservation requires a detailed understanding of a variety of stone surfaces as well as the environment they are set in.

We are experienced in the treatment of marble, alabaster, sandstone, limestone and plaster, to name but a few. 

Our range includes individual statuary conservation and entire schemes, in private and museum collections and on churches. An art-historical approach gives an essential background and context to the statue. Decisions about its treatment are based both on an assessment of the condition and on relevance to setting.

We are regularly required to clean greasy and dirty surfaces where detail has become obscured, a process which always involves trial studies.

Cleaning is often accompanied by the stabilisation and repair, sometimes on a micro-level and requiring the most intricate techniques.

Choice of materials is critical to the success of sculpture conservation, and our wider experience of architectural stone and monument conservation usefully informs such decisions. Our approach is always one of caution: enhancing the original form rather than adding to it is an overall guiding principle.

Sculpture conservation projects